News from FAR
Thousands displaced and in urgent need
Over 8,000 people in dire need at Rom camp, Akoka, Upper Nile FAR, led by Rev. Kur Deng, visited Rom IDP camp from FARís base in Melut, between .....Full Story
March 14, 2014
FAR wins silver award at OCHA "Oscars"
FAR was nominated earlier in 2013 for the UNís Global Project Oscar Prize, as a result of its innovative work with household seed storage in West .....Full Story
December 17, 2013
FAR Nominated for Oscars
FAR's†innovative work with dabangas†in West Darfur has been nominated for the UN's Global Project Oscar Prize.† FAR's work was also profiled in .....Full Story
April 28, 2013

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Who We Are

FAR facilitates the transformation of Sudan's vulnerable communities. Climate and politics challenge livelihoods, health, and quality of life in Sudan. FAR works with communities to address the root causes of poverty. FAR is committed to sustainable development and currently has projects in water and sanitation, economic development, food security, peace and conflicttransformation, emergency relief, and health.

FAR's work is rooted in relationships: it is our desire to build and strengthen long-term relationships with, and within, the communities we serve. FAR is committed to the people of Sudan. We begin our projects by listening to communities and then create lasting change by encouraging ownership within communities and the local authorities which serve them.

Although most people outside Sudan have never heard of FAR, we are well known and respected among the Sudanese. FAR practices quiet advocacy, committing energy and resources to sustainable development.

FAR began in Sudan in 1984. Today we are one of the most respected development organizations in the country. We currently have offices in Kosti, South Kordofan and West Darfur, and employ approximately one hundred staff. Learn more about FAR's Story.

Mission, Vision & Values
FAR?s Mission is to facilitate the holistic transformation of marginalized communities in Sudan to enable them to address and overcome the root causes of poverty.
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FAR Facts
Most people outside Sudan don't know about FAR. Please take this opportunity to learn more about FAR and to tell others about our work.
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FAR's Story
FAR began with Emmanuel International's work with Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees in Eastern Sudan. Today it is one of the longest-serving development organizations in Sudan.

Sudan is always changing. FAR seeks to meet these ever-changing needs with new projects and activities.

Board of Directors
Canadian volunteers form the Board of Directors that governs FAR's plans and activities.

Senior Staff
FAR is composed of skilled and devoted individuals with a passion to assist the people of Sudan. Visit Staff Stories to hear about FAR's work at the grassroots. Our largely Sudanese leadership ensures we operate close to the people we serve.